The Migos are back and just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

On Tuesday (May 5), the trio dropped a new track, "Taco Tuesday," featuring very fitting vocals from LeBron James, who regularly holds Taco Tuesdays with his family and shares clips of it on his social media. As for Migos' track, the Quality Control trio raps about tacos, money and women.

Quavo kicks off the chorus on the DJ Durel-produced track. "Yeah (Woo), taco Tuesday, I got the cheese, she tastin’ the Kool-Aid (Taco)/Migo the plug, Guadalupe (Brrt)/She gon’ do what the group say, comprende (Comprende)/Caliente (Uh), she get the bag but she gotta get it ten ways (Woo)/Okay, now ándele, ándele (Ándele)/What the money make? (Money make?)/Make it elevate (Elevate)," he raps.

Offset follows up with his quick-witted bars. "She-ne-neh like she on the runway (She-ne-neh)/It's a payday when she get the cum face (Woo)/Mamacita want tequila and a Bombay (Tequila)/Trap beating in the cul-de-sac, a one-way (Trap beating)/She want a perc before she take off her skirt (Perc, perc)/Put in work, put your number on here (Skirt, skirt)/These diamonds get to winking, like to flirt (Flirt, flirt)/They can't put your face on a shirt (Shirt)/Been having flavour, givin' waves since birth (Birth)," the ATL native spits.

Takeoff closes out the record, seamlessly tying everything together on the final verse. He rhymes, "My name Jose (Hola)/It's a long line at the doorway (Trap)/We servin’ tacos, get ’em with the nachos/Fuckin’ with a bad vibe, it should go both ways (Bad)/Count up the racks off a show date (Nero)/I'd never ever seen a broke date (Oh, no)/Look into the eyes of a Goat face (GOAT)/The gang and Durel, it's a four way (Four)/Takeoff."

The Migos' last record, "GNF" featuring Young Thug and Travis Scott, dropped back in February, with an accompanying line of merch as well as a music video.

Listen to Migos' "Taco Tuesday" below.

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