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Ahhhhhh, here we go! This last week there was a ton of press about this Peloton Bike commercial that went viral. This lady was documenting her year of riding the bike that her husband bought for Christmas. Sweet right?

I guess if you have about $2500 to drop after taxes and shipping. I already knew this because those commercials actually had me thinking...should I get one? That was last year and then reality smacked me in the face. That brings us to Peloton resurging in conversation after their latest holiday commercial.

The backlash comes from the internet squads that think this woman (already-fit and attractive) gets this bike and somehow it changes her. She makes a video thanking her husband with this vlog style video. Why are people giving Peloton such a hard time? Well, that's what people do.

I'd much rather you just say you're jealous of that big house in the mountains, one child, sweet husband and a $3000 stationary bike sitting in the perfect spot overlooking the snowy mountains.

People can't do that and here comes the trollers! The actual actress and her fake husband got trashed on social media after the commercial. I mean, she was just taking a job yo! You be the judge and then I'll tell you how she gets the last laugh.

Peloton came out with a statement and said this.

Our holiday spot was created to celebrate that fitness and wellness journey. While we’re disappointed in how some have misinterpreted this commercial, we are encouraged by — and grateful for — the outpouring of support we’ve received from those who understand what we were trying to communicate.

So, what now as everyone gets to take a stab at everything just because that's our culture in 2019. Let's insert Ryan Reynolds and the next video. It looks like she gets the last laugh and might be on her way to more acting. Go, girl!


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