If you've missed Rascal Flatts in concert your time might be coming to an end as the band is calling it quits. The end of an era is here. Life's Highway for the country iconic band, Rascal Flatts is almost over. Rascal Flatts just announced their farewell tour and the end to new music.

The trio heads out on the road one last time to celebrate a lifetime of country music favorites.

Farewell, Life is a Highway Tour was just announced and the band plans to hit the road this Summer and ends the Fall.

The guys went on CBS This Morning to announce new music in 2020, a tour and the end of the road. Rascal Flatts has visited Boise several different times, but I'm not seeing them on the list for 2020.

The fans drive our live show and also what we do in the studio. When we're on stage with all these variables, it's like mayhem! The energy coming toward the stage (from the fans) is very aggressive, and we have to turn it up to plow through that energy. We can pull it off because that's what drives the show - Rascal Flatts

You might remember there was going to be a restaurant venture from the group that was canceled. I don't know the exact details but there was a mafia link that BoiseDev wrote about in early Spring 2019. This is a sticky situation and I'll leave that to the pros. You can peep his article below.

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