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There are so many people who ask about Boise. What's it like? What do ya'll do up there? We can all agree that prior to moving into the area the thoughts were all potatoes It's okay to admit it because I was the same way.

I hesitate honesty now and it's this egotistic behavior that makes me want put a person in their place. I mean yes we have potatoes but come on really? I grew up in Texas and you can imagine what people say when I mention that. Only if we had more time!

I do love to brag out the waterpark we have in Roaring Springs. I've never met a more organized, professional, family-friendly establishment than the Wahooz Family Fun Zone group. They continue to grow bigger and offer state of the art attractions and just announced another $1 million dollar addition. Roaring Springs just announced the "Double Flying Saucer Ride"

This will be the first installation of this ride in the Northwest and will be added to the already vast water park that we've come to love. Our friends at Wahooz, Pinz and Roaring Springs are no stranger to dropping coin up new attractions. Most recently they built a $6 million dollar events center, $1.8 million dollar renovation in Bearfoot Bay and the list goes on. Summer 2020 will be an alien adventure in the "Double Flying Saucer"

Tiffany Quilici
Tiffany Quilici

The Double Flying Saucer Coming Summer 2020

  • Launches riders into a double corkscrew
  • Banks into the first flying saucer with max acceleration
  • Drops and dives into a second flying saucer with thrilling G forces
  • Blasts into the final 180-degree turn

Keep listening all week for your free tickets to Roaring Springs including season passes for the remainder of 2019 and the 2020 season. Let's take a preview.

Bonus: Roaring Spring is running a contest for 4 season passes in 2020 in their "Name the Ride Contest". Click HERE to win.

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