Venting on an online forum, a person shared they felt slighted after their "rude" friend responded to a group chat they were both in but not their personal text thread between each other.

On Mumsnet, the individual admitted they felt a little salty after their friend ignored their personal text message but took the time to respond to their group chat.

"I messaged [a] friend on Saturday to check she got home OK after I dropped her off at the train station and heard nothing back. Today a friend in a group chat (who we also saw on Saturday) asked a very generic question and she’s messaged back in that," the person wrote on Mumsnet.

The Mumsnet user noted they thought it was "a bit rude" that their friend went out of their way to respond to the group chat, but not to their personal text.

The user's post was met with mixed reactions in the comments section. Some agreed it was indeed rude while others offered simple explanations as to why the friend might have overlooked the text.

"I think it's rude. Seems to me like ignoring someone who just spoke to you. But I'm getting older and don't always see things like the younger generation," one person wrote.

"I think it's rude to repeatedly not reply. The odd occasion I can forgive. Recently I de-friended someone (not a close friend) for repeatedly not replying but then when she saw me out and about full of excuses and 'we really should meet up!' Fell for it again, texted her to arrange something and got ignored again. OK, maybe she wasn't really my friend. But I found it humiliating so I've written her off," another user shared.

"Maybe she just forgot? I often get texts, mentally reply and forget to actually reply," someone else replied.

"I would assume she’d just forgotten to reply rather than purposefully been rude, I wouldn’t jump to be offended," another commented.

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