For those that enjoy a peaceful, summer hot spring dip at sunset in the Idaho backcountry, there's a great spot that's about a 90-minute drive north of Twin Falls that's only got room for two. A dirt path through a meadow takes you to the site that is partially hidden by logs and rocks.

Located less than 20 miles from Ketchum is Russian John Warm Springs. It's less than 100 miles directly north of Twin Falls, and is surrounded by the beautiful, sprawling landscape of Sun Valley. Just up the road from the hot spring is also the Hemingway Memorial Trail, in case you want to make a day of exploring. lists the exact turnoff to find Russian John Warm Springs as approximately two miles past Baker Creek Road, and the dirt road that leads you there is just past milepost 146. The water is said to be about 90 degrees.

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There are several YouTube videos that feature the hot spring. I found a great one shared in 2021 where the two featured explorers take viewers right to the site three-minutes and forty-seconds into the upload. It may not be the most attractive hot spring in all of Idaho, but the view in pretty marvelous. It's got a bench for you to set your stuff on, and the water is crystal clear.

I've had the good fortune to explore all throughout the Sun Valley area and it is one of the prettiest spots in the Gem State. It's also only 70 miles southeast of Stanley Lake, which is my favorite place to visit in all of Idaho.

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