If you're trying to save money, you probably pout every time Chipotle tells you that it's extra to add to your burrito or bowl. Turn that frown upside down, because today it's F-R-E-E!

We're kicking ourselves for finding this so late in the lunch hour, but did you know today is National Avocado Day? To celebrate, Chipotle restaurants across the Treasure Valley are letting you have the guac upgrade on the house!

It's something that they've been hinting at since posting a cryptic morse code sweet last Thursday. If you had taken the time to plug it in a translator, you would've seen the message "GUACISFREEONJULY31STONLINEORINAPP" and a link directing to you to more information about the promotion.

It's an offer you can't just walk into the restaurant and ask for.  To get the offer, you'll need to order through the Chipotle app or through their website. In the long run, that's saving you a few precious moments because when you arrive at Chipotle to pick-up your guac topped meal, it will be waiting for you!

BTW, if you do have enough points to get a free meal through Chipotle rewards, you're able to use the Avocado Day deal to add guac to it.  Other than that, you can't combine it with any other coupons or promo codes.

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