A DJ has accused Sydney Sweeney of racist behaviorafter controversial photos from the star's mom's birthday party were shared online.

DJ Bella Ferrada took to her Instagram story to put the Euphoria star on blast for sharing photos from the party. Ferrada deemed the snapshots "realllll problematic" in a since-expired story, according to celebrity blog Oh No They Didn't.

"Yuck this confirms my thoughts on [Sydney Sweeney] especially after she pulled some racist s--t on [boyfriend] Lalo when he was working at an award show," Ferrada wrote.

Although she promised to "save that tea for another day," Ferrada didn't make people wait long. Instead, she took to Sweeney's Instagram post where she left a comment explaining her allegations.

"All I see are red hats and red flags," she commented. "Girl bye, this explains why you got so scared when my Mexican boyfriend was trying to fix lighting by you at the HCA awards and you freaked out and had your bf come shooo him while he was just doing his job and has no idea who you even are... why were you so scared? It's giving karennnn."

Read her full comment below:

A screenshot of a comment left on Sydney Sweeney's Instagram page
Sydney Sweeney via Instagram

The allegations are just a sample of the blowback Sweeney has received after posting photos from her mom's party on Instagram over the weekend.

Fans took to the comments section to call her out as one of her pictures featured a man wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt. People notes other photos from the event featured people in red hats emblazoned with "Make Sixty Great Again," a parody of Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" gear.

Sweeney responded to the criticisms in a post shared on Twitter.

"You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions," she tweeted.

Although she has been called out by many, others have rushed to Sweeney's defense.

Sweeney is not the only Euphoria star who has faced controversy, however. Both Sophia Rose Wilson and Ziayla Pizarro were accused of posting racist content on social media after some of their alleged posts resurfaced online earlier this year.

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