#KatFished: Episode 8- Tieraney vs Chris
Chris has been struggling with self confidence and thinks that he's not good looking enough for Tieraney. So Tieraney wanted to let him know how many girls would be interested in him my making him a Hinge account to show him! But then.. he changed the password and started messaging girls!
#KatFished: Episode 6- Sophia vs Evan
Sophia and Evan are planning a trip to Vegas for her birthday.. and when she caught him swiping on Tinder, he claimed he was "finding a girl to join them" even though that's not something they've ever done before.

#KatFished: Episode 4- Aubrey vs Clint
Aubrey met Clint on Bumble and she's about to move from Sun Valley in with him in Garden City.. but she keeps seeing Bumble notifications. She deleted her bumble.. and he asked her to move in, so why hasn't he deleted it?!
#KatFished: Episode 2- Megan vs Daniel
Megan and Daniel met on Bumble and were only dating a few months before she got pregnant. They're still together, but she's noticed a change since having the baby. He's acting different, going out a lot, and she's worried that he's cheating.