#KatFished: Episode 23- Nicki vs Matt
Nicki is worried about her boyfriend Matt. He's been turning up missing in the middle of the night with no real explanation as to where he goes. But when Nicki is adamant that he's cheating after Kat can't find him on any dating apps, she takes a different approach to catch him.
#KatFished: Episode 20- Deanna vs Mark
Deanna and Mark have been dating since college. She thought it was all good until her friend swears she saw him kissing another girl at a party that Deanna wasn't at. He said the friend is making it up. But is she?

#KatFished: Episode 17- Shayla vs DJ
Shayla found some Tinder notifications and DJ lied his way out of it, then her friend saw him at a bar with another girl and again he lied his way out of it. So is he actually on Tinder?

#KatFished: Episode 16- Leah vs Will
Take evvvvery single NOPE I've got. This guy really finessed his way into living at Leah's apartment just a few weeks after meeting on Tinder. And he's STILL getting Tinder notifications.. so what's up?!

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