Love Advice From You to, You?
I received a letter from a listener about her first kiss and it was so sweet. This started a conversation with my co-workers about what they WOULD have done in that puppy love moment.
Kekeluv 101: The Fake Number
I feel it's time to institute Kekeluv 101 for my friends in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes it takes a stranger to get you to realize that you've bonked your head if you continue to make those relationship mistakes! Welcome to your inner girlfriend. Time to wake the hell up!
Tawsha Box’s Valentine’s Day Playlist
When it comes to Valentine's Day, it's time to pull out all the stops. There was a study that says couples who listen to music out loud tend to ... eh hem ... get it more. My playlist tends to lean "single and going on a hot date".
Do You Need Kekeluv Advice?
As much as we hate to admit it, Kekeluv has great advice when it comes to love and relationships. So much great advice that we're actually opening this up to you. What questions do you have for the Kekeluv doctor?
A Playmate’s Love Story
It seemed appropriate on Valentine's Day to relate a unique love story. This is Linda's love story in her own words:
In the early 80's I was pursuing a career as a model/actress. It was tough, but on a fluke I accepted an offer to become a Playboy Playmate...