Kekeluv Wedding Album #4 - Professional Version
This is one small portion of the unbelievable photographs you are about to witness. Todd Meier has never done a wedding before and I'd say he's pretty good. This guy captured the most memorable moments and we'll definitely cherish them forever. Don't sleep on this click!
Kekeluv Wedding Album #3
Tawsha Box releases her photographs from our wedding a few weeks ago and I wanted to make sure to post up. Such awesome memories and Paige looks beautiful!
Wednesday Quote of the Day: Wedding Week
Today's quote comes from my wife. Whoa. That just sounded really AWESOME! I'm not use to saying wifey, but it's only been a few days. My WIFE sent me this quote and the photo is from our wedding over the week. I have only released a few photos considering this photographer is a family…
I'm a Married Man In Two Days! Peep Never Before Seen Photos
Well, this is almost it! Just two days left and I'm a married man. I believe all my mistakes have lead me to this day. I know this woman is me and our child is the largest blessing ever. Saturday will be magical for more reasons than just the exchanging of rings. Did you hear I met my future wi…
Five Days Till We Get Married and the Challenges Continue
Right now, Paige and I are only five days away from saying our vows and becoming a married couple. Until recently, we had planned everything that goes into weddings, but one aspect of our wedding just seemed off.
Paige and I had put together a wedding registry full of traditional wedding requests, bu…
Getting Married In 16 Days
Exactly 16 days and counting till I take the largest step in my life, marriage. I'd like to take you back over the years and show you some of what you missed. You might even see yourself in some of these galleries! Come in.
Getting Married In 18 Days
Over the next few weeks, I'll be introducing you to myself again as my life transforms. I came to Boise, a single guy with no kids or rings. That's not the case anymore, and it's time I took you back a few years to where it all started.
Idaho Couples - Can I Marry You?
"Would you want to get married?" is all I asked Lori when she called and talked about being with her boyfriend for several years. Her answer: "Yes". That's all it took for me to see if I could make it happen. Dear couples in love, let's do this!

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