Phone Tap

Phone Tap: Dumber Plumber
In your brand new Phone Tap, we call a guy who is in desperate need for a plumber, and while he’s out of the house his biggest nightmare scenario is coming true… and it’s all because of Jose.
Phone Tap: Mechanic Shop
In today's Phone Tap, Jose's calling a guy who just wanted simple inspection for his car, but there was a little incident that happened during the process and now its gonna be a loooooong while before he gets it back.
Phone Tap: Football Coach
In today's Phone Tap, Jeff is calling a youth football coach after some parents complained about the game becoming too dangerous and he has some new kid-friendly rule changes that we’re sure Coach will LOVE!

Phone Tap: Moving Mishap
In your new Phone Tap, Jeff calls a guy who hired a moving company to box up all his stuff in a very specific way. Well, they didn’t follow those instructions in fact, they didn’t even move the stuff into the right house!
Phone Tap: Possum Adoption
In today's Phone Tap, Jeffrey calls a guy who thinks he’s adopting a rescue dog from the pound, but instead of a cuddly pupper, he’s getting “Lucifer” the rabid possum.
Phone Tap: Behind the Snap
In today’s new Phone Tap, Jeff calls a restaurant looking to make a reservation for a very prestigious celebrity. Even though they don’t recognize the name, they better get excited because he’s one of the biggest stars in the history of SNAPPING!
Phone Tap: Egyptian Anniversary
In today's Phone Tap, Jeffrey is calling a woman in charge of her parent’s anniversary party to tell her the bill might be a LOT more expensive than she anticipated, but she’s gonna LOVE hearing why!
Phone Tap: Bachelor Party
In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff is calling a guy who is preparing to be the best man at his buddy’s wedding, and lucky for him he’s gonna have some help because Jeff is installing himself as CO-BEST MAN!

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