Phone Tap

Phone Tap: SOAP Automated System
In today’s Phone Tap, Brooke calls a warehouse worker whose company was just acquired. He’s worried about the new changes and his coworkers reached out to us and mess with him via our new automated system called SOAP!
Phone Tap: Turkey Problems
In today's Thanksgiving Phone Tap, Jose calls a guy who rented out his place on Air BnB for the holiday weekend and he's in desperate need of assistance. What's the perfect way to tell someone that you got stuck INSIDE a turkey?
Phone Tap: Company Nickname
Plenty of times we get requests from people who want to Phone Tap their Co-workers and today one guy is getting initiated into his new job with his very own personal nickname courtesy of Young Jeffrey!
Phone Tap: Pest Control
Jose is posing as a pest control worker in today's Phone Tap! And if you know Jose you know he’s the last person you want removing creepy crawlies from your home.
Phone Tap: Goodwill
Today’s Phone Tap victim is a frequent donator of clothing and Brooke is gonna call her up and let her know that her “style” just isn’t nice enough for Goodwill. Do better people!

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