Phone Tap

Phone Tap: Drug Unawareness
In today's new Phone Tap, a school administrator thinks they’ve hired a counselor to speak to their students about the dangers of drugs, but instead we’ve sent Jose who can’t get enough of ‘em!
Phone Tap: Nocturnal Chowdownia
Today’s Phone Tap victim is an elderly care worker about to start a new job, and we’re calling them to let them know about our grandpa’s unique condition called “Nocturnal Chowdownia…”
Phone Tap: Quickster
In your Phone Tap: a listener asked us to prank his roommate who keeps bringing girls from tinder to their apartment. So we’re calling from Tinder HQ to go over his hookup history!
Phone Tap: Donut Psychic
Brooke is calling a woman and giving her a Psychic Reading in today’s Phone Tap. But instead of tea leaves, or tarot cards, she has a very unique source of her powers…
Phone Tap: Cross Country Screw Job
Today’s Phone Tap victim just rented a new apartment without ever seeing it in person. So, we’re calling as their Apartment Manager and letting him know that someone has already moved in, and their choice of work is… provocative…

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