I came across this news from Vans and what a positive article to post during all the Coronavirus alerts. We could all use some uplifting messages, right?

Vans have created a new line of shoes targeted at Autism Awareness. April is Autism Awareness Month and what a great way to show some love to something so many of us are touched by.

The new line of Autism Awareness products includes shoes and shirts which are super cool. I'll be getting my son some because a portion of the money goes to the A.skate Foundation. It's crazy because I've never heard of a foundation that has created a place for kids with autism to be enjoy the world of skateboarding. This foundation is a non-profit that teaches skateboarding to children with autism.

We created an autism awareness collection designed to focus on senses of sight and touch and feature a calming color palette. Vans will donate a minimum of $100,000 of it's proceeds from this collection to A.skate, an organization that allows children with autism to be a part of a social world through skateboarding.

I've met so many people with Autism over the years and things like this really make an impact for them. I can't wait to show our support because this community appreciates it more than you might know. You can get more details from the Vans website HERE. You can always visit the Vans store in the Boise Towne Square Mall.



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