You never know what you may find at a garage sale or thrift shop. Especially a big garage sale. Especially at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. Even once you find something amazing, you may never know it's true worth or how special your find is. Take for instance the Texas woman who found a priceless Roman bust that was found to be, like, 2,000 years old! She claimed it at a local thrift shop for only $35. Talk about a bargain!

Now, not every find will end up being a long-lost relic. However, that's not to say there aren't interesting things out there! Ryan and I spent some time walking around Idaho's Largest Garage Sale and asked shoppers, "what's the strangest thing you've ever seen or purchased at a garage sale?" The answers did not disappoint. Check out the video!

It wasn't all fun and games at the garage sale, though. I had some serious shopping to do! Garage sales are a chance to find and claim unique items and accessories to add to your home. I've been really into mid-century modern pieces lately and they are all over garage sales! I couldn't help but to leave with something. Opted to go with a vintage candy bowl, that can serve multiple purposes, from the 70s with an orange gold tint. If you've been to a garage sale or thrift store, you know what I'm talking about. It goes perfectly with some glasses and pitchers M'Lady and I have found at garage sales. Slowly but surely we're building a beautiful set. Just have to track down some plates! I was hoping to find a mid-mod TV stand or dining table, and found some amazing ones that would have went great with my vision, but I didn't bring a truck and my car was crazy full. Shame on me! Next year, I'll be coming prepared with lots of cash and an empty truck. Anyone have one I can borrow? Ah, we've got some time to plan around it. Take a look at some of my favorite items at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale 2022.

Awesome Vintage Items From Idaho's Largest Garage Sale 2022

Idaho's Largest Garage Sale 2022 did not disappoint! They had amazing vintage and mid-century modern furniture and pieces that I was obsessed with. Here's a look at some of my favorite items from the garage sale this year.

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