Believe it or not, Monsters, Inc. turned 20 this year. Hopefully our screams upon learning that fact are still able to power Monstropolis since there certainly isn't enough to laugh about in 2021.Yes, that does mean we're getting old. The same can be said for Mary Gibbs, who voiced the fearless toddler Boo in the movie.

Gibbs — who was roughly 3 when she landed the role — strayed from voice acting after making her debut in arguably one of Pixar's most recognizable releases to date. She hasn't totally stepped out of the public eye, though.

Last year she launched a YouTube channel and posted several videos. One addressed some of the most common questions she's been asked about her career-defining acting gig.

For instance: Yes, the rumors are true. The audio crew really did follow her around the studio to record her vocals. And no; she can't do Boo's signature voice anymore, but she did try. Check out the video below to learn more about her experience playing the beloved character:

Gibbs has stepped back from acting work. However, she keeps busy with other projects. She pops up at Comic Cons and documents that experience on Instagram.

"When I was three I was the voice of Boo in Monsters Inc. Now Im blessed to be able to travel around the world and meet so many incredible people," she gushed in a post from 2018. "I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had and many more to come."

The former actor isn't living in the past, either. In fact, she's launched something of a second act in recent years. Only it's one of the most professionally varied second acts of all time.

For starters, Gibbs appears to be working under the stage name of Visual Boo, which is an adorable tribute to her industry roots. What does she do? The 25-year-old is an event producer, cinematographer, fire spinner and VJ, according to

She uses her various skills to put together a recurring music festival called HYRE Fire & Flow Festival, the fourth of which took place this month. Gibbs marked the occasion with a fiery onstage performance.

"Hyre really is an outward expression of everything I hold dear and the tribe that Hyre is forming is one beyond words," she reflected on the event's success on Instagram. "It brings tears to my eyes just looking back on the weekend and I have such appreciation for every single person that came and made this space what it was. Complete magic."

Watch the talented fire-twirler in action below:

Gibbs does still like to throw in a good Monsters, Inc. reference now and then, too. For instance, she recently added tattoo artist to her resume. The tattoo that she was responsible for brining to life was an imagining of Randall Boggs, one of the movie's chief villains. She did a solid job!

All things considered, we can totally imagine the fearless Pixar character growing up and becoming every bit as talented as Gibbs is in real life.

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