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Why Suni Lee Turned Down the Opportunity to Meet Her Idol Justin Bieber

During an appearance on Ellen, Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee talked about the time Hailey Bieber invited her to meet Justin Bieber. They were at the 2021 Met gala, and Lee was so nervous that she couldn't even bring herself to go up to him!

Lil Nas X Is Single Again

Remember a few months ago when Lil Nas X said that he thought he found "the one"? Well, it turns out the guy wasn't the one after all. In a new interview with Andy Cohen, the rapper revealed that he is once again single and doesn't want to date anyone right now.

Have You Heard of Zoom Doom?

More and more people are undergoing cosmetic surgery after being on Zoom calls all year. After being under the harsh scrutiny of themselves during the pandemic, more people began disliking their physical features — so much so that they decided to get work done. Reportedly, 73 percent of Americans say they’re less happy with their appearance than they were before the pandemic. (via Salon Today)

NeNe Leakes Says Her Last Few Days With Husband Gregg Were 'Beautiful'

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leaks recently opened up about the passing of her husband Gregg. She said, "The last five days before his passing was [sic] really beautiful. All of his children were there. His best friends were there."

Taylor Swift Announces New Release Date for 'Red' Re-Release

Taylor Swift just announced that the re-recorded version of her album Red will now be released a week early. Check out the details below!

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