Imagine taking your sweetheart to a beautiful bed and breakfast where you get all the amenities that normally come with a short stay.  A quaint, little room.  Great food.  The serenity and peacefulness of getting out into the country.  and NOW... COW CUDDLING?  Yup.  The official name is 'Horse and Cow Experience' so I guess they're doing this with horses too.

CNN just wrote an article explaining that all of us here in the United States is behind the times and that there should be more of this going on.  Cow Cuddling is supposed to help reduce stress and calm anxiety.  I guess it's a bit like therapy horses but with this, you just kind of sit down with a cow, wrap your arms around it, pet it, talk to it, and cuddle with it.  I don't know about you but the words 'cuddle' and 'cow' just don't seem to go together.

Currently, the Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York is the only place I know of here in America that's doing this but a lot of other Bed and Breakfast hot spots are looking into this unique draw that seems to be gaining popularity.  Hey.  Who knows.  Maybe we'll have this here in Idaho soon.  Who's in for some rolling around in the hay with some cows?  Errr... that doesn't sound right, does it?

Here are some benefits to cuddling with a cow...

  • Connecting with another being that has nothing but unconditional love.
  • Cows have slower heart rates.  Feeling that can help slow down your heart rate helping you to breathe better and feel calm.
  • Cows are good listeners.  They don't talk back but love it when talked to.

It all sounds a bit hokey but the Mountain Horse Farm is raking in $75 an hour for each cuddle session.  They have multiple cows going at one time and as I said earlier, demand is high.

Suzanne Vullers runs the cow cuddling at the Mountain Horse Farm.  She had this to say...

I think animals can teach you something that along the way we have forgotten.  We have created a world which is absolutely amazing in many ways but also disconnects us a little bit from the outside world and I think animals have a way of reminding us of that and connecting to the outside world.

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