Cinco De Mayo

What Does Cinco De Mayo Mean?
This would be the first Cinco De Mayo that I'm not on the radio tossing up this controversial question, "What is Cinco De Mayo?" Don't assume because it's not what you think.
Is Cinco De Mayo a Mexican Independence Day?
Cinco De Mayo is all about tacos, enchiladas, queso and tequila right? Fourth of July is all about fireworks, McCall, boats, flags, barbecues and the day we celebrate our independence. I have more Spanish listeners get this wrong so if you think you knew, guess again!
The Mexican Hat Dance Challenge
You've seen the cinnamon challenge. The running man challenge. The whisper challenge.

But in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we did the first ever "Mexican Hat Dance Challenge!"
Hangover Cures Post Cinco de Mayo
Did your Cinco de Mayo turn into more of a Cinco de Drinko? Yeah, I get that. Today was a brutal start. Let's not do this again, deal? In the meantime, we've got to take care of today.
Booze Your Guac; Margarita Guacamole [RECIPE]
I'll admit that it's hard from me to stray from my favorite guacamole recipe that I borrowed from Keke's wife, but how can you walk away from a recipe that combines two of the best Cinco De Mayo staples? Tequila and Guacamole!