Idaho Lottery

There Are Powerball Winners in Idaho
Stop what you're doing. That Powerball ticket you want to trash because it didn't bring you that $700 million windfall still could bring you a lot of money. There are winners in Idaho and it could be you.
Neighbor Saves the Day for Little Boy – Kiss of Kindness
We all head out in life with the best of intentions - especially when it comes to our kids. When we realize that we can't give them what they need, we'll do whatever it takes to find a way to change it. In this Kiss of Kindness moment, a neighbor knew just what to do.
KISS remote with Idaho Lottery
Today Michelle Heart from 103.5 KISS FM, along with the Idaho Lottery crew, were out in front of the Maverick in Nampa off Franklin Road. We had a great turnout and gave away Boise Music Festival tickets to the lucky winners of the raffle! Pictures from today's event can be found in the album b…
KISS at Idaho Lottery!
Michelle Heart was at the Maverik in Caldwell off Cleveland Blvd with Idaho Lottery today giving out #2015bmf tickets! The Idaho Lottery had scratch tickets and an awesome RC truck race where the winner received $100 in scratch ticket (congrats again to David...

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