Just about everyone you know has lottery fever right now!

Facebook/Idaho Lottery + Canva
Facebook/Idaho Lottery + Canva

2024’s already made someone in New Jersey a BILLIONAIRE after a single winning ticket was sold there for the March 26 drawing. The Powerball’s well on its way to getting there, too. The jackpot for Wednesday, March 27 is $865 million with a cash payout of $416.1 million. You know that’s more than enough money for you to pay off any existing debt, quit your job and buy a new home anywhere you think you’d be happy. 

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But right now? Your work days are long, busy, plagued by deadlines and full of meetings that should’ve been e-mails. By the time you get in the car to drive home, you just hope you remember to stop and buy your Powerball ticket before you decompress. (You have until 7:55 p.m. MT the night of the drawing to do that.) 

Some Idaho Lottery Players Are Big Winners and Don’t Know It

If you’re struggling to remember about the HUGE upcoming lottery draw, we’re going to assume you’ve LONG forgotten about the Idaho Million Dollar Raffle ticket that you probably bought back in October or November.

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Last year, the Idaho Lottery made some big changes to one of their most popular in-state games. They increased the number of tickets sold from 250,000 to 450,000 and added a second $1 million prize. While the number of tickets sold went up, the addition of the second grand prize actually made the odds of winning the big one better. The changes got everyone’s attention and the game sold out by November 25. 

We know that McCall resident Andrew Nachman was one of those $1,000,000 winners. It doesn’t appear that the second million winner wanted to do the whole media thing with lottery officials, which is fine. We respect their privacy even though you can request the full name of any person who’s won $600 or more playing an Idaho Lottery game through Idaho’s Public Records Law. 

That said, the Idaho Lottery IS looking for some other players that won big money playing Million Raffle and are hoping this message reaches them before June 24, 2024! One of those is a $10,000 winning ticket sold in Canyon County. They put the winning number in this funny "Wanted" poster. 

Five of the $1,000 daily raffle prizes from last year’s game also haven’t been claimed. The clock is ticking for people hanging on to them to come forward and cash them in. If you bought your ticket in October or November, you’ve won $1,000 any of these are your number:

So dig through your wallet, center console or wherever you stashed that Christmas card that was holding the ticket!

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