Imagine the thrill of winning the PowerBall. Your life would change overnight, especially if you started 2024 by winning $810 million on New Year's Day! (The cash option is $408.9 million.)

While we all would love to have that extra money to pay off debt, go on the vacation of our dreams, and finally be able to buy our dream house or car, the reality is a little more challenging, especially when you live in Idaho.

Winning that kind of money presents some unique challenges that most normal people won't understand. Imagine the number of reporters that will immediately track you down and even background check you to get a great story. How much of your past do you want out there?

You'll suddenly have long-lost relatives come out of the woodwork with problems that just a little of your newfound fortune could solve. Friends and co-workers ask you to buy them things because "you can afford it!"

You might think you could keep your winnings under wraps, but Idaho is among 22 states that make lottery wins public record. Your name, photo, and winning amount will be released to anyone who wants to know.

The positives still outweigh the negatives when it comes to winning $810 million.  But if you win, consider getting a plan together before claiming your prize. That plan should include consulting an attorney and deciding who and how many people you want to tell about your winnings.

Good luck in New Years Day's big drawing!

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