Total Solar Eclipse

What to Do With Your Eclipse Glasses
If you didn't throw your glasses across the parking lot or rooftop of your solar eclipse viewing place and your eclipse glasses are in good shape, they can be reused for another eclipse. NASA even changed the rules after yesterday - see if it applies to you.
When Will This Phenomenon Happen Again?
Is this a "once in a lifetime" event? Will we all be gone the next time a scientific phenomenon happens again? Nope - we'll be here and it's going to be here sooner than you probably guessed.
How to Make Eclipse Water – Yes, It’s Real
It's a celestial event and a time of sun, moon, gods and all of what I call the "woo woo" stuff. It's so much like dream talk and moon talk that I do. There are some things you can do just before any eclipse (and during) to bring positivity into your life.
Is the Total Solar Eclipse a Hoax?
While everyone flocks to their chosen eclipse-viewing location, I can't help but wonder if they think about whether or not there actually will be an eclipse on Monday.

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