If there's one thing we've learned about weather in Boise, it's that you should never say never! 

It's not often that Boise gets a snowstorm that dumps the white stuff so quickly that we could get trapped in a business overnight. But for fun, let's pretend for a minute that what happened in Denmark last week happened here in the Treasure Valley.

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According to Insider, the town of Aalborg, Denmark got hit with a blizzard that quickly dumped 12 inches of snow in a short amount of time. As a result, over 30 people got found themselves stranded for the night inside an IKEA. Most of those folks were employees, who decided to allow the shoppers that were still in the store and those stranded at a nearby business to transform the store into a giant sleepover.

The staff and customers watched Christmas movies, a soccer game and played board games until finally picking a bed or couch to sleep on. Quite frankly, if you looked through the photos it looked like a blast!

The most recent storm we could compare to the one in Denmark is the one that happened earlier this year when 9.9 inches of snow piled up February 12-13. That storm was considered the seventh heaviest snowfall that Boise's had over two calendar days since 1899. Believe it or not, that storm was worse than any of the ones that happened during Snowpocalypse.

We don't know what this winter has in store for us, but if we DO get a big storm that forced you to stay the night at a local business, which one would you want to be trapped in? We polled our listeners and this is what you told us!

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