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STUDY: No Such Thing as 'Crazy Cat Lady'
I'd like to note that no one owns cats, cats essentially own you. Either way, let me reiterate: there is no link found between cat people and the development of psychotic symptoms. Finally. Why do people say that anyway?! Like someone can have 5 dogs are it's normal, but someone with a few…
AMBER ALERT- Missing Child Could Be in Northern Idaho
Details on an Amber alert that just came through:
Tyran Campen (7 years old)
Last seen Aug 21, 2019 in Deborgia, MT

1996 Explorer Ford, Black
Montana license plate #54-0676B

Non-custodial mother incapacitated custodial father and took 7 year old son
Local Cider Room is Closing
In a time when Boise and our Treasure Valley is booming, we're used to seeing more and more businesses pop up. In fact, especially in Boise, it's like a new brewery, bar, pub, or cider house is coming to town every week! Boise loves their local brews...

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