For foodies who want to get creative, burgers are the perfect blank canvas to work with. The masterminds at these Boise restaurants turned these burgers into works of art.

Facebook/Holy Cow
Facebook/Holy Cow

When you fire up the grill in the summer, how do you like to prepare your burgers? We always like to mix a little Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning into the beef before we make the patties. Something about that little extra flavor takes a regular burger to the next level.

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However, that little ranch trick seems absolutely pedestrian when you see these over-the-top burgers on the menus at these 10 restaurants in and around Boise. Some of them pile other meats on top of the patties. Others dress them up with childhood comfort foods. One even sticks the burger between said comfort food!

Are your tastebuds up for an adventure? Then check out these creations!

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