People are moving to the Treasure Valley by the thousands. We are a welcoming city and love it when people love the city as much as we do. There are some rules, though. Here's a list we have created as a community. 

We asked you what rules should be in place for those moving to town. You called in and answered us on Facebook. I elaborated a little as well.

  1. "Boy-See" is how you pronounce Boise. There is no z sound anywhere in our capitol city. - JJ Saldana, Boise
  2. This state is Idaho. Not Ohio or Iowa. Idaho. It's not a 4-letter word. We're classy like that. - All of us
  3. Use your blinker. Changing lanes? Planning to change lanes? There's a light on the outside of your car (two, specifically) that blinks indicating the direction in which you are turning or changing lanes. The best part is that the other drivers know what your intentions are on the road. I would venture to say it's magic. - Alexandrea Durham, Boise
  4. No littering. You're welcome to keep a bag inside your car to throw away your trash. There are also trash receptacles around the city that would welcome your garbage. -Lorri Critchfield Quas, Boise
  5. Don't praise your hometown. Move here and like it here but don't keep telling us how great it is in the city you moved here from. -Lynn Davis Hathaway
  6. Respect bicyclists and bike lanes. Also, no walking in the bike lanes. It's for two wheels. -Tess Plas, Boise
  7. Avoid Winco at the beginning of the month. -Adam J Avery, Kuna
  8. If you can't drive in the snow, don't. -Adam J Avery, Kuna
  9. Get Idaho plates. Once you move here, get your Idaho license plates as quickly as possible so long-time Idaho residents won't go hating on you for being out of state. -Sharon Hagler, Boise
  10. Bleed Blue. Once you move here, you can no longer be a fan of your previous college or any other college sports. You bleed blue (and orange) and you should probably know the fight song. -Gwendalyn Purcell, Boise

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