Twitter has to be the wild west of the internet, it just has to be. Nowadays, the craze is all about TikTok, Facebook or Instagram reels, etc. We forget where our social media gossip headlines come from... the world of Twitter. Our focus these days isn't celebrities though, it's the people. The everyday man or woman who has 280 characters to express their minds with (yes, 280... I used to think it was 140 as well!).

We journeyed into the gold mine that is Twitter and we were curious to find out what people are "learning" about Idaho... here's what we found:

Is THAT what it stands for?


That's one way to do it...


News you can use...


"Break for Potatoes"


Did you really know we have a "state raptor"?



Welcome to the party, Stephen!



Oh c'mon, Emily!


Well, that's... interesting


Okay, who's going to tell her?



At least she admits it...

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