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Say hello to the Stage 3 reopening of Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity. We've already noticed changes during stage 2 where we saw restaurants, nail salons, hair businesses, and just more people out in public.

I'll admit we didn't see as many people as I expected but they were out. I think the weather played a little bit with all the rain we got keeping people inside. I went out last weekend to notice people out but not in full force. It was like people were waiting on everyone else to try it first.

Well, that ends this weekend. Idaho enters stage 3 with mother nature on its side. Temperatures will hover. That will also be the opening of Roaring Springs that includes the brand new Snake River Run. There is no doubt that people are going to slam Idaho's favorite water park this weekend and anything outdoors

Bars and nightclubs can officially open their doors on Saturday. I need to check but wouldn't be surprised if some open on Friday night heading into Saturday at midnight. This is a big one and this industry has been hit hard in the Treasure Valley. Look for a ton of action this weekend and should fill your feeds across social media.

Make no mistake about the Coronavirus. This is still a threat as we've seen cases spike over the week and deaths at 79. Unfortunately, the more we go out in public the better chances of catching this deadly virus is. That's not my opinion it's just a fact. Idaho's numbers are extremely low and that's why you're going to see a lot of people coming up this weekend.

Should you wear a mask? I would just get comfortable with wearing masks at this point. Honestly, I'm not seeing a ton of Idahoans wearing them but better safe than sorry. You can get them for cheap right now. I've seen packs of 5 for cheap as $15.

If you want to keep it local I found an amazing family that does great Masks with an Idaho touch. I think Candice has her entire family making these masks due to high volume. You can check out In the Pines Co. You have to love that local appeal!

Be safe and we'll see you out this weekend!


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