Two Thanksgivings ago I attended my lady friends dinner at her parent's house. This was my second meal of the night, in which the first one was a little more drinking than eating. I put a stop to the beer chugging just long enough to sober up for my second meal (no, I did not drive). Well, long story short.. the parents of my significant other at the time really did not like my comments on the at dinner conversation. Well, that relationship did not last for much longer after that.


I remember what I had said, and my smile behind my words. I won't restate what was said, but I can say I am only human and it was never my intention to offend. I am a firm believer in "be who you are, no matter what". With that said, I found some tips on "Winning Over Your Significant Other's Parents."

Before I do this here are my tips.

1. Bring the mom something! I recently just went to my GM's house and I brought his wife a little cactus. I stood out in the mix, and she will forever remember that one time Huggie brought me a cactus.

2. DON'T FORGET the Father/step father! Now this is an interesting one, like what do you bring a grown male adult? BEERS! This works 90% of the time, unless... and yes this happens, the father/step father is a recovering drinker... then, you drink a 6 pack for yourself, and get him a sixer of ROOT BEERS! WIN WIN!

3. Have gum on hand!

4. If you are drinking, drink water between beverages. You don't need to be hammered talking to his/her parents! If you end up being hammered and it's off whiskey, you always have the GUM!

5. Be yourself... ALWAYS! If the family can't stand you, then that situation is one you should run from. No one should punish you for who you are. Just my take on it....






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