Imagine this.  You're a BSU student sleeping away in your comfy bed, dreaming of the Broncos taking down Utah State which will send us back the MWC Championship and then 'Whoosh' 'Whoosh' 'Whoosh'... what's that?  You roll over and try to jump back into that deep slumber and you hear it again.  'Whoosh' 'Whoosh' 'Whoosh'... o.k. what is that?  You finally turn your head to see rushing water rushing through your dorms.  What?  Yeah.  The brand new Sawtooth Hall and Honors College got hit hard Friday night into Saturday morning.

Most thought this might be from all the moisture we got hit with over the Thanksgiving holiday but that wasn't it at all.  According to KTVB, a valve on the main water line broke apart on the third floor and started leaking.

Students were throwing down towels, wiping up puddles, and doing everything they could to stop the flow of water but it just kept coming.  Eventually, the leak got so bad that there was about a foot of standing water through the hallways and into some of the rooms.  Students and staff members at BSU worked together to finally find the source of the leak but they couldn't get it to stop.  Gavin Wamhoff, a student who resided in this area said...

We could see the dripping from the third floor to the second floor and the stairwell was starting to flood.  We could see it coming down from the ceiling so, that's when we started knocking on all our friend's doors, basically, just everyone we could find because we didn't know who was here or not.

Fortunately, many of the students were gone for the Thanksgiving holidays but significant damage was done to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.  140 students have been temporarily relocated until the restoration is completed.  A hotline number for parents and students with questions has been set up at (208) 447-1146.

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