The Boise Factory Outlet mall is such a sad shopping center that it doesn't even have a website. That's a far cry from other thriving outlet malls around the country that are adding holiday sales, holiday hours and visits with Santa to their websites. 

Built in 1994, The Boise Factory Outlet Mall has to be one of the biggest retail tragedies in the Treasure Valley. Overall, it has a 3.4 star rating on Google based on 549 reviews but very few glowing reviews are recent. Google breaks down words people use most often in their reviews and "sad" and "dead" among the Top 10.

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It hasn't always been that way. If you take a quick Google Maps tour through a 2007 Boise Factory Outlets, there were at least 25 different retailers there at the time including Wrangler, Osh Gosh B' Bosh, Kitchen Collection, Hanes-Bali-Playtex and Footlocker. Today? There's two stores. Eddie Bauer and Pendleton.

The property fell into the hands of Gardner Co., the company responsible for filling the Boise hole with the Eighth and Main towner, back in September. It's unlikely that they will continue using using the mall as an outlet mall, but it's always fun to dream about what could've been.

We asked our listeners what stores they would've actually been interested in shopping at if they had a location at the Boise Factory Outlets. These are the 15 stores you told us you would've made the drive for.

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