What is this rain? This isn't common for the Treasure Valley and has already been the rainiest 12 months on record. I just pulled up my app to find that it's just the beginning with crazy thunderstorms headed this way all weekend ⛈

This means no hiking, no Memorial Day camping, and those weenie roasts will need to be done indoors (microwave). Well, you're in luck! I found approximately 15 things you can do for the entire family and at a 40% discount thanks to my good friend.

Have you heard of this GETOUTPASS? They sell these in Utah, Colorado, Washington and now adding the Gem State to the mix. So, what is the GETOUTPASS? Exactly what it says. This is a discount pass for you to get out this Summer and enjoy yourself. It's raining now and this pass could come in handy but is also a great outdoors pass.

Think of this as a club card in 2019 with a website and sign-in credentials. Consider this to be a subscription-based fun pass and you had to know this was coming. I feel like everything is subscription based right now and this might be the cool one to have. Here's how it works and a way to get 40% off just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

  • Purchase your subscription for $99 with 40% off by using my girl's promo code BUCKETLIST40. That brings your price down to $60.
  • Check out all the different businesses you get to choose from like Fast Lane Indoor Kart Racing, Asana Climbing Gym, Aquarium of Boise, Jump Time, Urban Air Adventure Park, Treasure Valley Skating, Planet Kid, Puzzling Adventures, Meridian Speedway, Indian Creek Plaza, and more.
  • Some offers are yearly, monthly, weekly or unlimited.
  • Select your venue and redeem your visit.

Looks like fun and a way to taste a bit of Idaho for a fraction of the price. So, get out and have some fun Idaho!

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