Turns out, there’s not much that Idahoans love more than enjoying our great outdoors, coupled with some impeccable weather.

And we are at the perfect time of the year to start enjoying our favorite outdoor activities – it’s warm enough to be comfortable, but not too scorching hot (as it gets in the summertime) to be forced to hide indoors.

Although this spring weather has been a little fickle thus far, it’s safe to say that we are out of the woods when it comes to freezing temperatures and snow storms!



So, what are the best and most popular outdoor activities in the Boise area?

If you mosey on down to the Greenbelt, you’re sure to see a few of these on a daily basis. 

However, one of the absolutely coolest things about living in the Treasure Valley, is that there are so many options for outdoor enthusiasts. 

There’s literally something for everyone, no matter the age group or fitness level, and listed below is just a taste of what you can do as the weather keeps getting better and better.

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