Boise you should be proud! I love how this community comes together to help each other out. I'm a car guy and a few weeks ago I invited @tracksharkllc to come in and talk about how he has given back to the community via his love of cars. Only days after this conversation took place a few high school kids did something amazing. The facebook post below led to a bunch of people coming together and raising over $12,000 but most importantly they gave a family hope.

This is a car meet for a friend who is close to many people. His mom was recently diagnosed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer. As it is around the holidays, we want to help a brother by bringing him around what makes him happy; cars. If it drives, bring it out and check out some of the other cool cars. Donations to help with medical costs are most definitely accepted, but not required. Please help us help our friend through this difficult time.

What if you were the teenager that found out your mom had stage 4 terminal cancer? Can you imagine how devastated you would feel and how much it would mean if your friends rallied behind you? It happened and it happened in our great city. Skyler, Jake, Tyler, Gap Tuning, Creative wraps and everyone else that made this happen, I salute you.  It's people like this that make Boise a special place.


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