A whole new year is here and we're two weeks into it: 2020-- a year that has always sounded like it's from the future. Well, now it's here and what does it mean for us? Realistically nothing. Waking up on January 1st is no different than when you woke up the day prior, on December 31st of 2019, yet society makes sure to build up this expectation that it's time to change-- a fresh start. I've never been one to care about the beginning of a new year because in my mind, if we have one life to live--we shouldn't be waiting on some random day in the Gregorian calendar to be when we make a positive change...just do it!

This said, there are several things I'm working on in both my professional and personal lives that I hope to improve upon and it's never easy. We can talk all day about how much of a distraction our phones are--yet they have so much power to HELP us if we use them the right way! I've found a handful of apps over the past few months that are helping keep me honest and accountable.

All of this said, as we're all working on ourselves, I want to hit the airwaves and find out what YOU do to make positive changes in the new year, or whenever. We did a great exercise here among our KISS FM staff that not only listed our goals, but outlined the action steps to make them become reality.

Chime in, in the comments, via app chat, or hit me on the hotline tomorrow when we dive into this: how is YOUR resolution going and what are you doing to stay true to it?

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