Finally, an alternative to an extremely expensive Emergency Room is on the way to the Treasure Valley.

About a year ago, I got bit by a spider...or SOMETHING. I had no idea what had bit me. When I get mosquito bites, they get really big, so I assumed that was the case. Until it had been a couple of days and my entire calf continued to swell. Before long, it began to get painful and I wasn't panicked about it until it was late at night. Why didn't I see a doctor? Well, my only option was an Emergency Room and does ANYONE have the money to afford that!? I saw urgent care the next morning for a fraction of the cost.

Perhaps you have had a similar (or even far more serious) experience. Now that 24-hour urgent care is on the way-- you'll have an option.

Jut announced last week, Saltzer Medical Group will be bringing one to Meridian at the Ten Mile Crossing. They expect it to be open by Fall of 2020 (so try to stay injury free until then, yeah?).

Tommy Ahlquist, a former emergency room physician and Idaho gubernatorial candidate is the developer behind the project and said that this center will be there for those injuries like "bumps, bruises and sprains" that just don't warrant a crazy high ER bill.

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