It's been a crazy year. Crowds were a thing once upon a time--early on during the year. Then here in the Treasure Valley and beyond, crowds were banned. Of course, eventually "crowds" in bars and nightclubs were allowed back--only to be closed again. Then, we saw bars and night clubs open again a few months ago, only to be--once again--shut down once Governor Brad Little rolled back the State of Idaho into phase three of reopening.

You get where I'm going with this: the year has been a roller coaster.

Remember when Boise State and the Mountain West Conference called off football? Well, football is back now. Sure it may not feel the same--but it's back. With football's return came empty stands and fake crowd noise. Of course, this was put in place to keep the community safe.

Now, Boise State is seeking fans in the stands.

The above tweet was the football programs official statement on what they're hoping to get approval from the Central District Health for. Just this evening, the Board of Health met to discuss and vote on the proposal. The crowd size that the university was seeking is around 1,100 people in a stadium that holds well over 30,000 people.

As the meeting began it felt pretty quickly like the Board of Health was skeptical of the request. It did not take long, however, for the representatives of Boise State University to lay out a detailed plan which involved negative test results to be required by any student attendees.

After a short discussion, Central District Health voted to APPROVE the motion for fans, as requested by the university, for this Friday's game against BYU.

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