If all the vehicles you drive are paid off, your credit score is four digits, and you're currently reading this from your summer home, then you can disregard everything below. You're fine. Enjoy your money.

For the rest of us plebs, this news is going to hit you like a hammer to the center of your face.

According to the Idaho Department of Labor, the average income in Idaho is now $24.69 per hour. That's accurate. The average working Idahoan is being paid right around $25 per hour. Some a little more, some a little less, but that's the average. What's an even more insane statistic is the hourly average income is up from just a year ago by a whopping 7%.

Here's our question: Who's actually making that kind of money in Idaho in 2023? For real tho.

Of course there are doctors, business executives, computer programmers, and whatever a crypto bro is, but other than that, who's bringing home this kind of scratch in the Gem State?

If you're playing along at home and trying to keep up with the math, we already did that for you. An employee making $24.69 per hour tallies up to an annual salary of approximately $51,355.20. Not bad, right?

Maybe we should actually talk about this and see how salaries are stacking up across Idaho in 2023. Let's connect and see if this number truly indeed is the "average" for Idaho. We know there are people out there making bank, but this $50,000 average is really becoming a hard pill to swallow.


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