With the current climate in our country, it makes sense that any story relating to guns could potentially be a touchy subject. It seem's like the mere mention of the word "gun" sends people into a frenzied debate that usually doesn't end well. I think we all can agree, one place a gun doesn't belong is in the hands of middle school students on the way to class, but according to the Idaho Statesman, that's precisely what happened.

A Vallivue Middle School student saw a gun on a school bus Thursday morning and told the school principal, who put the school on lockdown, according to a Canyon County spokesman.
Sheriff's investigators found a BB at the school. They determined there was no immediate threat to the school.

The students who brought the BB to school were detained. Thankfully, no one was injured. Even though it was a BB gun, kudos to the student, who reported what he saw.

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