I like to think of myself as spontaneous but If you ask my friends they will tell you that if they had to give me a nickname they would call me "Last Minute Mikey". Well, here we are on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend and I still don't have plans for the weekend. Just in case you're in the same boat and you have an interest in exploring the gifts the mother nature has blessed Idaho with here are three very cool ideas compliments of Stueby's Outdoor Journal. Whether you're into hiking , fishing or sunbathing I think you will enjoy these and hopefully next time you will plan ahead unlike me... Hahaha.

  • Go fishing! Memorial Day is the annual kickoff to the summer fishing season. Many reservoirs, ponds and river sections have been freshly stocked. See the IDFG Fishing Planner to discover where to go fishing.


  • Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is opening this weekend. Around the Mountain trail is still snow-covered in places and is not open yet. But there are other trails to explore close to the base area, and the mountain coaster is open. And it'd be a fun place to go and hang out! Trails to Stack Rock and Eastside are open.


  • Salmon River beaches! A great spring camping location is on the sweet white sandy beaches along the Salmon River, upstream of Riggins. Get there early! It's popular! There are numerous big beaches up there where you can set up a great camp, hang out by the river, do some floating on the Salmon and/or go hiking. Use caution around the Salmon River! The hike on the Wind River Trail via the Wind River Pack Bridge about 25 miles upstream of Riggins has a number of switchbacks as you climb higher and higher up the Salmon River canyon. That'd be a great hike right now. Rapid River Trail is great in Riggins, too.

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