In Eagle lies a gamer's paradise. Home to over 100 arcade and video games, Grinkers is a must-see for any fan of classic gaming.

Here's the top five games you have to drop a quarter into at Grinkers:


#5 - Altered Beast

Released by Sega in 1988, this is the perfect beat-em-up. You fight zombies and monsters as a werewolf, weredragon, werebear, and a weretiger. No, it does not get any better than this.


#4 - Dig Dug

The premise is simple: Dig into the dirt and defeat all the enemies. This one, however, gets difficult really quick. If you can get past the first few levels without breaking a sweat, consider yourself a skilled gamer.


#3 - Tetris

Maybe it's too soon to bring Russia into the fray, but this import from the largest country in the world is a classic. If you've ever owned a Gameboy, you've played Tetris. Playing it in the arcade is a little more challenging because you'll be competing with a friend, or against the AI.


#2 - Super Dodge Ball

While not as popular as other games on this list, Super Dodge Ball is a blast. I originally played this on Nintendo, but the arcade version is pretty similar. My suggestion: Play as the American team. They have the best special moves, and freedom on their side.


#1 - Street Fighter II - Championship Edition

Street Fighter II is arguably the best video game series ever released. The fighting game that started it all, the Street Fighter series is still going strong today. No gamer's haven can truly be called an arcade unless they have some version of Street Fighter II available to play.


You can check out Grinkers in Eagle at 228 East Plaza Drive.






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