Its easy to get used to the good life. Sometimes we just start taking things for granted. It's almost as if things around us become a background that we no longer notice. Last night a friend called and said... " Where are you this weekend" ( he's is used to me travelling all the time so he wanted to make sure I was in Boise for the weekend ) He immediately booked a flight and asked if I would show him the city on Saturday. While I was happy to hear that was coming to visit I immediately panicked because I didn't know what I should show him, where I should take him etc. After some thoughtful consideration I came up with 5 places you must show your friends who visit Boise.

1. Idaho State Capitol - The history behind the Capitol building is fascinating and I love the renovation documentation is impressive. I was also surprised that anyone can walk in there at anytime and tour the place.

2. Boise Train Depot - Opened in1925 the depot is 96 years old and is a huge part of Boise's history. I would be remiss not to mention that the depot is the best place to get a picture of the Boise skyline.

3. Camel's Back Park - Camel's Back Park is tucked away in the North End which is one of the most charming neighborhood in Boise. The park has something for everyone and the view of downtown and the foothills once you climb to the top is beautiful.

4. The Greenbelt - The most relaxing 25 mile walk- jog or bike ride in the treasure valley. This pathway runs along the river and thru the city passing scenic views, wildlife habitat.

5. Albertsons stadium - The Blue Turf is known around the world and definitely a huge "must see" for any football fan.

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