I know you might think a guy's freakiness is always turned on but that's not exactly true. Don't give us that much credit, ladies. Think of all the guys you've dated and how spontaneous or creative they've actually been. See what I mean! Let's also not assume that you want a Mr. Grey if you know what I mean. Wouldn't you prefer a half-Grey?

Let's go ahead and assume it's not going to be anything outrageous for a Tuesday night on February 14. You can plan on dinner with some drinks and then what? I'm going to make this date night pretty simple with a few movies that you can play to get things started.

You will notice that Fifty Shades of Grey is NOT on this list. Let's not scare him out of the room or get too intense. This isn't for the married couple and more about the dating peeps. Let's hold off on sending the wrong message because who knows WHAT someone will read out of that. Dude might whip out a belt with masks and you might be headed for the door instead.

The more I think about it I'm actually wondering if we should classify these movies. I just came up with this so we'll see how it goes. It's obviously a case by case basis.

  • Kevin Winter
    Kevin Winter

    The Forever After Date

    I think you have to be careful on the first one. This can go anywhere because there's something about this one. Choose this movie and there shouldn't be another one. This says that you're serious and thinking about the future. Enjoy some steamy scenes, sweet moments and life decisions. See how he reacts.

    Be careful because this one could also have him checking for Tinder matches if he's bored to weigh out options. You'll know the outcome by the first 15 minutes just be the conversation.

    The Notebook is almost a message that yea I'm for real and I'm also looking for a man - not a booty call!

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    Getty Images

    Innocent and Silly Date Night

    This is another throwback but teaches some great lessons! It might also send a message that you're not stupid and that he shouldn't play any games. That doesn't mean you're not down to have some fun.

    I'm Just So Not Into You is such a great movie for several reasons.  Have you been in a long-term relationship and wondering when he's gonna put a ring on it? There's a storyline for. Are you the exception or the rule?

    Like a guy that's really just not that into you unless HE'S not busy? This is perfect for you.

    Cheaters! Married Men! I've talked to a few women this week that are on missions to catch their men. Guess what? They have him straight busted! That said, there is a storyline for you.

    This is a good topic movie to see where exactly his morals stand if you can read between the lines.

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    Getty Images

    Let's Do This Date

    Not everyone wants to fall in love today and why should they? Love is work yo! When you're single you get to be soooo irresponsible and never worry about hurting someone's feelings. It's just you. Some people aren't ready for all the drama or heartbreak yet.

    This Valentine's Day and I hate to use this throwback term, "Netflix and Chill" You can't go wrong with "Hitch" "Friends with Benefits" "Crazy Stupid Love"

    These are all not too serious movies unless you want to find that storyline. All great!

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    The Sports Guy Movie Night

    Sometimes guys just suck when it comes to romance. Let's be honest ladies and it also depends on the age right? If you really want to catch this guy you might have to play on his terms and sports just might be the angle.

    Know your guy's sports! No guy that hates hockey wants to watch a movie about falling in love playing hockey. Let's tackle a few movies that you can't go wrong with. If you're guy loves baseball there will always be something sexy about Bull Durham with Kevin Costner. This is a straight throwback but get the steam rolling at some point.

    Friday Night Lights and Varsity Blues are automatics! I mean the whip cream bikini scene could be an opportunity (hint).

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    Getty Images

    Fifty Shades Night - Yea I Said It!

    I'm changing my mind. It's Valentine's Day and I'm not giving you the juicy stuff. Even if you're spending it alone or with your girls it's a no-brainer that you wanna lust.

    These are in no particular order so I'm going to go straight sexy with new and old.

    1. Fifty Shades of Grey Movies - Should I say more? Look, if you're going to play these make sure you know what you're getting into (I mean watch it before and don't be surprised with the 'red room'"
    2. 9 1/2 Weeks - This was the original Fifty Shades from the 90's. It's similar without the chamber!
    3. Basic Instinct - If you're not scared of crazy.
    4. Friends with Benefits - Why not! It's JT and Mila. Everyone is happy!
    5. Magic Mike! - Why? For you and if he's smart he'll pretend to enjoy it!

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