Last year, Idaho was ranked as the "Top Moving Destination" in the United States. The National Movers Study has been updated for the new year and it appears Idaho's popularity has fallen off. 

For the past 45 years, moving company, United Van Lines, has done an annual migration survey to see which states were the most popular inbound destinations for people relocating and which states were driving people away. In 2020, Idaho topped its list of the top inbound states. They narrowed that down to find that Boise was the #3 most popular inbound city.

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The 2021 numbers show that Idaho's popularity has slowed. If you're someone who's anti-growth, don't breathe a sigh of relief quite yet. Idaho still ranked #9 on the inbound list. Boise did, however, fall completely out of the Top 25 inbound cities.

Idaho's inbound traffic continues to outpace its outbound traffic, but United Van Lines found that almost 40% of the overall traffic was outbound from Idaho. That's the highest rate of outbound traffic for the state since their 2014 study. Why did those people decide to abandon the Gem State and move elsewhere? Here's what they told the moving company.

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