These are starting to pop up more and more around the Treasure Valley. I came across another health care rally and here's what you missed. No signs of slowing down this crowd.

Is the country divided? Are we at odds with each other? Do we get emotional when debating who won the presidency? I could go on for hours and having that conversation is almost impossible with people. We USED to like each other as neighbors until we found out what kind of cheerios they liked! Social media is potentially ruining our lives right in front of us. The HOT button seems to still be health care.

Some say, "GET A JOB!!!!" There is a laundry list of how mean we are to each other when it comes to politics. Is health care REALLY politics?

I grew up understanding a few things I needed to make priorities growing up:

  • Car insurance.
  • School.
  • Full-time employment will get you benefits in case you get sick.

Knowing that these three items were priorities, I've always had car insurance and health insurance since joining the Navy after college. My mom didn't have much of an education and never carried anything full-time with benefits. She took a different path than I did. My mom also has pre-existing conditions and we went through trying to get health care before the Affordable Care Act was in place. I can tell you it's saved her life and given her somewhat peace of mind. That being said, it's not easy.

We know that premiums immediately went up and are continuing to rise. This has hurt employment because companies have to offer health benefits based upon the number of hours you work. Employers cut hours due to the conflict of having of being forced to offer these benefits. I'm not writing this to go over details because I'm not an expert. I will tell you that it's easier to give than to take. People like being accepted into a clinic when after all these years they couldn't afford the benefit. Your neighbors are feeling like someone is going to take away what has saved their lives. Common sense should tell you that not EVERY person's life is being saved, but can you really place a value on 1 versus 1000? I don't have the answers, but this is the battle. This is why you see these signs flooding our streets. Most of these people aren't fighting President Trump. These neighbors, friends, co-workers, and kids are fighting for their lives.

The Republicans have not been able to pass any kind of repeal or replace. Tuesday, June 27th things were struck down again because they were unable to get enough votes. Don't expect things to just stay the way they are right now. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Taylor Swift fans all have the same premiums. We all look at the same bill. Something has to change and as you can see in one of these videos - they just don't want to get robbed or lose what they have.

The fighting in Washington makes us all lose trust and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I watch as everyone quotes some ridiculous talking point from television and repeats wrong information. We should hold ourselves more accountable for understanding what everyone else is talking about. Do you really want to trust someone just because of the political party they might be affiliated with?

Here are 60 signs that you missed today. I was leaving Whole Foods and saw business women pulling signs out of their car trunks today. Don't think for one second that THIS isn't a 🔥 hot issue!

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