While the Treasure Valley has a large Mormon population there are a lot of people that celebrate Lent. With Lent comes the sacrifice of giving something up for the season. There are plenty of things that have become typical such as soda, sweets and alcohol. This year I thought there has to be something better, and by better I mean more creative. I scoured the interwebs and came up with some great suggestions compliments of goodhousekeeping . Check out these great ideas below, they're definitely refreshing.
Your favorite streaming service
Think you can go 40 days without Netflix? What about Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or HBO? Try logging out of your favorite streaming services on your go-to devices. You'll be surprised how much extra time you have at the end of the day.

Skipping workouts
No, this doesn't mean you have to work out every day. Determine a workout schedule at the beginning of the week and do your best to stick to it. Working out can encompass a ton of activities: yoga, walking, or an online dance class all count.

Video games
Many of us have been playing more video games than usual this year. See if you can cut back on the habit during Lent. If quitting entirely sounds impossible, try cutting down on your weekday use only. That means you can still play Mario Cart on the weekend.
Bad posture
Working from home often means working with terrible posture. Make it a point to sit up straight while you sit at your laptop or watch TV. Your body will thank you in the long run.
This Lenten season, steer conversations away from gossip. If a friend starts talking about someone else, say something nice about that person and change the subject. You can also tell your friends that you're trying to avoid gossip. They might appreciate the nudge toward positivity.
Donate three things each day
For example, you could donate three lightly worn pieces of clothing, three toys, three books, or three cans of food. Can't find three things? Give a compliment to three strangers or leave a 30% tip on your next meal.
Your phone after 8 p.m.
You're probably not doing anything important on your phone after 8 p.m., anyway. Instead of scrolling Instagram for hours, dock your phone and spend quality time with family or roommates. Before bed, read a book to fall asleep.
Write one letter of gratitude each day
Take on a 40-day gratitude challenge and write one thank-you note, text, or email each day. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your gratitude (although we highly recommend you do!), simply write down three things you're thankful for each day.

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