You are now free to roam the friendly skies--at a very, very low price. That's right Boise, these deals are SPECIFIC to the Boise airport and it's time you take advantage of them. I mean, you really don't have much time to act at all--so get going!

After a very long year of a pandemic, it's safe to say that we're all ready to "get back out there". Unfortunately, COVID-19 hasn't just disappeared and gone away, we're seeing an uptick in numbers nationwide so when we say we're encouraging you to travel, yes--we are--but make sure you're putting your safety and health into consideration, too.

Every now and then, the likes of Alaska Airlines and others will throw on some really big sales that last only a few days. Before our lives got flipped upside down, we usually took these for granted unless we needed to fly someplace. Now, we're anxious to share that maybe one of these destinations will peak your interest.

For THREE days, you have the chance to book a series of significantly discounted flights from the Boise Airport. Whether you have family at a destination or you're looking to go somewhere warmer--or cooler--there's a little bit of everything among these options. Check them out, below:

Want to peep these deals for yourself? Click HERE.

Speaking of airplanes--did you know that you can eat Breakfast in Nampa along a real life airport runway? Watch the planes come and go as you enjoy a tasty breakfast! Details on that, below: 

The Amazing Views and Eats at The Tower Grill

The Tower Grill in Nampa offers an amazing menu right on an airport runway. Watch planes come and go as you enjoy a filling breakfast, lunch, or beer!

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