Ahhhh the trends. Does anyone know when the flavored water trend began to pop? I drank it because I felt it was tricking my mind into drinking water. Plus, it tastes good.

I was looking for some tips to give you to stay hydrated in this 100 degree heat and a similar headline popped up. "Why You Should Drink Fizzy Water."

Let's get right to sparkling water trend that is rapidly growing in the Treasure Valley. Is it good or bad for you? I need to know because my son loves that stuff but we really keep him away because something doesn't feel right.

Is Sparkling Water Good or Bad for You?

This depends on who you ask. There are a few scientific opinions with somewhat common results.

First, carbonated water isn't better than water from your sink. Everyone knows that sodas aren't the best for you because of all the sugar. There's more though. The fizzy carbonation gets the assist on rotting out your teeth so congratulations people.

I'll list my resources on this topic so you can read further but the end of the end is really simple. Yes, these sparkling waters aren't good for you and I found some stats that you probably won't like. For instance, those lemon and grapefruit flavors are worse. It's the flavored carbonated waters that are actually the worse. Studies show that simple non flavored carbonated waters do less harm to your teeth than flavored. Crap!

Does it Curb Your Appetite? 

No. This is the part you may need to click away. Carbonated waters are the devil people 👺We drink these waters thinking that it's like water but it's not. They say that carbonated waters actually make you crave food and make you fatter! This is definitely not helping my KETO state of mind Idaho!

I have a confession. I'm going to take this photo and DON'T JUDGE A BROTHA! This is my fridge right now.

Photo by: kekeluv
Photo by: kekeluv

Okay so I'm an offender! I'm not drinking it all the time but I guess I was always under the philosophy that it's better than NOT drinking water. There's probably some truth in that especially since it's not soda.

Just so you know these flavored waters are extremely acidic and will tear up that enamel. The non-flavored waters are better but not great. Zero calories doesn't actually mean you're clear especially when these carbonated waters make you crave food. Yes, that's a fact.

What's all this mean? Well, moderation is the key. I'm not into diets because I think the way you eat is a way of life. Why should you put a label on it. So much pressure with labels ya'll. It's okay to eat a sloppy cheeseburger. Just don't eat one everyday. It's all about proportion peoples. Proportion size.

Will this article stop me from drinking carbonated water? No. I will second guess the flavored waters though. It's gonna be 100 degrees this week and if it's carbonated flavored water that hydrates you - so be it. Just remember that taking in less water than you give off could put you in risk of dehydration.

Drink water because most of our body is made up of exactly that - water.

I hope this was helpful and you can get some great facts from this article HERE.

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