Secret Sound is back on 103.5 Kiss FM, and every time it comes back around, some poor soul thinks they have their top-secret way to figure it out. They're the one with the knowhow to solve what the Secret Sound is, and they're not sharing their (totally definitely 100% accurate) lifehack.

Well, they're wrong.

There isn't a "trick" or some "backdoor hack" to solve what the Secret Sound is on 103.5 Kiss FM. there?

Not all of the writers here are lazy, but this one is. So, I went ahead and did the dirty work for you and asked ChatGPT, our go-to A.I. buddy, if there was a surefire method for solving Secret Sound. Here's what the autonomous being had to say:


A.I.'s "Secret" to winning Secret Sound

ChatGPT believes it knows a guaranteed method to solve the Secret Sound. Are they correct? You're welcome to try these tips and find out!


Gee, wasn't that helpful y'all? Apparently, A.I. hasn't "hacked" anything that'll help you win.

We're all about technology improving our lives and making things easier, but it doesn't feel like we're quite ready for A.I. to take over everything just yet.

We're actually waiting for the time to come when listeners start using ChatGPT and other rising A.I. tech to try and hack contests. Shoot, do we need to start updating our contest rules? LOL.


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