If there's one thing that puts Boise on the map--or one person, we should say--it's Aaron Paul.  The local celebrity is a household name across the globe and is best known for his role in 'Breaking Bad'.  Of course, no episode of Breaking Bad would be complete without his counterpart, Bryan Cranston.

Both 'Breaking Bad' superstars will be invading Boise this weekend and fans of the show will have their chance to meet them and take photos, in person!

Maybe you enjoyed Breaking Bad but are an even bigger fan of their tequila, 'Dos Hombres'? You're in luck--because it's a double win for those fans: Paul & Cranston will be serving up Dos Hombres cocktails to fans throughout the day!

Last time Dos Hombres came to town, they partied with Western Proper. Could we expect another appearance there this weekend? It might be a safe bet. 

According to Aaron Paul's twitter, there will be a happy hour at the bus station in downtown Boise at 4:30 and he even called Idaho his favorite state!





Just minutes after posting the announcement, folks began begging for visits to Los Angeles, New York, and even Mexico City. Sorry, y'all--he's all about Idaho!

There's no denying that the internet absolutely loves Aaron Paul and not long ago, we learned that there was essentially a virtual manhunt to try and figure out where in Idaho you might run into him..

Idahoans & Fans Work To Figure Out Where Aaron Paul Lives

When it comes to Idaho celebrities, the list isn't TOO long--at least not compared to much larger states. There are the athletes like Kellen Moore or Kristin Armstrong and of course, there's Aaron Paul. Best known for his role in "Breaking Bad", Aaron Paul is a local guy that is never afraid to show some love back to the Gem State. Recently, an entire forum online sought to track him down...here are just a few of the suggestions.

Not only do people love Aaron--they love looking at his gorgeous Boise home, too.  

Inside of Aaron Paul's Million Dollar Boise Home

You know him best as Jesse Pinkman from the hit series "Breaking Bad" and in Boise, you know he's one of the biggest stars to ever call our city home. Now, the first home that he purchased in Boise, Idaho is on the market and up for sale. By far, this mid-century home is one of the sexiest builds we have ever seen--with access to the pool from nearly every room in the home.

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